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Artist Residency Discovery Guide – Part Six: “ArtSpace’s Top 10 Career Boosting Residencies”

Artist Residency Discovery Guide

Part Six:  “ArtSpace’s Top 10 Career Boosting Residencies”


First, A Disclaimer…

Before we dig into this resource article, let us examine for a moment what the ArtSpace author considers to be an “art career.”  They quickly list a series of ideal components for a “CV” which is also known as a resume, but they also define the audience: curators and collectors.  The “career” to which they are most strongly referring is a mechanism of the formal art world.  My discovery guide is meant to approach the already ambiguous term of Art Career as open to interpretation.  It is entirely up to an artist what they define as success.  That is to say:  if an artist’s end game is to build a reputation appealing to museum curators and private collectors, then this part of the guide will be most relevant to that artist.  Read More…

Artist Residency Discovery Guide – Part Five: “Blouin Art’s Emerging Artists Top 10 Residency Programs Around the World”

Artist Residency Discovery Guide

Part Five:  “Blouin Art’s Emerging Artists Top 10 Residency Programs Around the World”


Emerging Artists

Through-out the world New York City is known as a mecca for emerging artists.  As a nod to that lofty status, let us begin the journey of an artist striving for greatness in The Big Apple.  Although the article begins by discussing a bit of a political atmosphere, the points tie in well with age old problems for artists such paying rent, eating, and quality of life.

The featured Blouin Art article is from 2010, but the content is timeless.  The author discusses NYC’s role as “A Creative Capital” and the challenges that emerging artists have struggled with in the city.  The author mentions one really strong resource which I feel deserves a highlight moment. Read More…

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