My Vision: Sanctuary

A Self-Sustaining Artist Residency where the residents double as workshop instructors and mentors for apprentice residents. Both groups of talented and inspired individuals are provided room & board as well as supplies in exchange for the educational services they provide to guests. An on-site Eco-Resort provides upscale accommodations for guests with packages including workshops, guest speakers, materials, locally sources organic meals, and holistic healing for total wellness.

As the resources and design of this reality become increasingly manifest, I will be growing a non-profit to function as the financial engine to fulfill projects along the way. Currently, the short-term goal is to gain funding for a veggie-waste-oil fueled RV as a vehicle to visit top Artist Residencies. Through interviews, tours, and hands-on experience, I will collect information about the benefits and challenges that exist in these places. Additionally, I will examine where sustainability practices work on-site to lower operating costs and bring benefit to the residents. Using a deep understanding of sustainability and ecotourism, alongside my experience on the research tour, I will fuse the data into a full length book to be published.

The entire experience will be chronicled through blogging and video.

For more information, and to keep up with “Project Eco-Quest,” please visit my non-profit’s website:



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