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My name is Chris. I am originally from just outside Boston, but recently moved to Southeast Iowa to become a student of Sustainability. Why such a huge move? I have been driven by a huge vision, which has now become even more huge while also becoming more specific. My quest is to create a self-sustaining Artist, Musician, and Healer residency and eco-resort. That is the long name for the short version, but if the following questions interest you, then you might want to stick with me as I chronicle my journey toward this vision:

  1. Where can I go as a musician, artist, or healer to receive mentorship, education, and support?
  2. How can I incorporate sustainability into my lifestyle in a way that helps to develop my craft?
  3. When my craft presents an opportunity which requires travel, how can I travel with the lightest impact on the environment?
  4. Which EcoTourism policies can benefit my career as a Creative Professional?
  5. When I’m considering an organic product such as food, bath & body, clothing or technology, which products are truly representing organic sustainability instead of just trying to be part of a trend?

There are many parts which make up the whole answers to these questions. I intend to enlist a variety of contributors to help me in my pursuit to tie a number of areas together.  Beyond exploring workshops, grants, and residencies for musicians, artists and holistic healers, this blog will expand to include topics which touch on information valuable to our overall lifestyles such as:

Organic Agriculture and Cuisine
Organic Bath & Body
Organic Style & Fashion
Sustainable Tech Reviews
Sustainable Travel
EcoTourism Philosophy
This Week in EcoTourism Policy
Sustainable Lifestyle for Artists, Musicians, and Healers

As my education builds, and the realization of my vision grows closer, the community of this website will evolve into a talent collective.  Ultimately, a collection of talent alongside inspired mentorship is exactly what will be at the core of my Artist Residency and Eco-Resort.  Our connections here may grow into lifelong partnerships.  Links and Levels will bridge your dreams to mine, and our dreams to the exalted creative expressions of human consciousness.

So please allow me to formally invite you to Link Up, and Level Up.



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