Humans are Born to Be Creators

Creative souls are naturally attracted to a mode expression which mysteriously seems to choose us. As an aspiring musician and writer for over 15 years, I have met a countless number of creative souls.  I have witnessed many well intentioned people do their very best to integrate their passions into a reasonable lifestyle.  We have all seen an honest attempt become the harsh reality of strife and compromise.

Creators are Born to Be Empowered

Becoming a professional can be difficult, but it can also be learned.  I began to notice some common traits that artists, musicians and healers have in common:

Passion about more than one form of expression, care for the Earth and environment, awareness of what we put in our bodies, a desire to be self-sustaining, a desire to travel, awareness of fashion (which in some cases means deliberate disregard for adhering to a style whatsoever), a space to work (with some certainty of uninterrupted time), and finally–community.

Empowered Creators are Born to Share Knowledge

If you are a guitarist who is passionate about learning photography, or reiki healing, and you meet a photographer or reiki healer who is passionate about learning guitar, wouldn’t an exchange be a valuable investment of time and resources for both parties?

What if you could find someone skilled in all 3 disciplines, and become a better guitarist while  getting trained in 2 new crafts?

Knowledge Sharing Empowered Creators are Born to Develop Mastery

As best I can, with a little help from my friends, I intend to accomplish 2 things with this blog:

1. Provide useful information to fellow creative souls on content we all seem to care about within and beyond our chosen (chosen by) craft(s).

2. Create a rating system and supportive community to catalogue the different skills of each creative soul and identify members with skills in multiple disciplines to help everyone find other members to learn from, teach, or trade information with, relevant to their progression.

The ultimate goal of rating the skill levels of each member’s different crafts is to better facilitate mentorship and learning.  Knowledge in the creative arena can be shared over and over with different results.  We are all part of a global community, and a cosmic consciousness which is doing its very best to express itself through us. 

Help me to help you help someone else.  We were born for this!!!

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