Artist Residency Discovery Guide – Part Five: “Blouin Art’s Emerging Artists Top 10 Residency Programs Around the World”

Artist Residency Discovery Guide

Part Five:  “Blouin Art’s Emerging Artists Top 10 Residency Programs Around the World”

Emerging Artists

Through-out the world New York City is known as a mecca for emerging artists.  As a nod to that lofty status, let us begin the journey of an artist striving for greatness in The Big Apple.  Although the article begins by discussing a bit of a political atmosphere, the points tie in well with age old problems for artists such paying rent, eating, and quality of life.

The featured Blouin Art article is from 2010, but the content is timeless.  The author discusses NYC’s role as “A Creative Capital” and the challenges that emerging artists have struggled with in the city.  The author mentions one really strong resource which I feel deserves a highlight moment.

The Bronx Museum of the Arts has a program called “AIM” or “Artists in the Marketplace.”  The author of the Blouin article I have featured mentions it as a footnote, but I am going to expand on the details.  The link in the article is old and seems to be broken.  The updated link to their AIM program is:

The goals and missions of AIM align very closely with the concept and mission of LinkUpLevelUp.  The resources are a great example of what is available to developing professionals in the creative world.

An introduction from their website:

“The Artist in the Marketplace (AIM) program, now in its 34th year, provides professional development opportunities to emerging artists residing in the New York metropolitan area. The program consists of a 13-week seminar that addresses practical concerns, and cultivates networking opportunities. Every two years, AIM introduces the work of 72 artists to a greater audience via exhibition and catalogue. Participating artists are encouraged to build their networks through the program’s collaborative structure.”

Without a doubt, we could find quite a few resources for artist residency in NYC.  I feel BMA is a strong start, and encourage my readers to look into any similar programs in other locations.  If you do find anything interesting, please send a link my way!  Posting the information in a comment for other readers to use could also be helpful.

Featured in the United States

While this editorial is an “Around the World” feature, most of the listed residencies are actually located in the US.

Woodstock, NY – Woodstock AIR

New York, NY – Henry Street Settlement A.I.R

Steepletop, NY – The Millay Colony for the Arts

Charlotte, NC – McColl Center for Visual Art

Boston, MA – Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Skowhegan, ME – Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture

Pittsburg, PA – The Mattress Factory

Omaha, NE – Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts

Cross-Referencing with Part Three and Part Four Lists

As a quick cross-reference to my previous guide sections, we can now see some residencies from this new “emerging artist” list that stand out.  Here are the spots that have appeared in the previous two lists as well:

Skowhegan, ME – Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture

Woodstock, NY – Woodstock AIR

Omaha, NE – Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts

When 3 separate resources recommend a program, I consider that a strong indication that it is time to find out more.  And!  We still have two more upcoming resources to go before this guide series is complete!  We will run through a final cross reference at the end, and really fill in these initial impressions with some artfully mixed cement.

Emerging Internationally

An international residency would not only represent the opportunity for building skills, knowledge, and experience with your craft, but also exposure to a different culture.  Traveling as an artist, and building an international network are pretty great bonuses too.  If you do happen to be interested in programs abroad, the two featured international opportunities sound very promising:

Umbria, Italy – International School of Painting, Drawing & Sculpture

Salvador, Brazil – Instituto Sacatar

Obviously international residencies have an added set of considerations.  In the final part of this blog series, we will nail down the key decision-making factors regarding the romance of overseas residenseas.

Thank you for reading, and please keep an eye out for the next installment of the Artist Residency Discovery Guide.  We will move on to “Career Boosting” residencies to follow up the “Emerging Artist” section, and round out our career perspective portion of the guide.

Until soon.


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    Great job! I haven’t even had time to write more post after the class finished.
    I enjoy reading your posts, Chris. Thank you for sharing!

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