Artist Residency Discovery Guide – Part Three: “Rate My Artist Residency”

Artist Residency Discovery Guide

Part Three:  “Rate My Artist Residency”

RateMyArtistResidency is a powerhouse of hope for Creatives.  The site is a mecca of knowledge on Artist Residency programs. The realness and usefulness of their information blew me away.  They are relatively new (2013), and are working on a new site design.  The company was started in Germany but now runs out of NYC.


The Map

The map page shows Artist Residencies around the world that have been reviewed, and color-coded by quality.  Many of the top-rated ones are right here in the US, but clicking around the globe checking out the different locations and reviews is quite fun.


The Deadline area provides a calendar roll to check on upcoming deadline dates for submitting applications to relevant residencies.  I have not found a resource on the net quite like this.  Timing can be everything, and if the need should come for a residency on a whim or without much notice, this will be helpful.  Or I suppose it could be beneficial for actual planning, but where is the fun in that?  😛


From owners to residents, the interviews contain some quality information that I have not seen listed elsewhere in a “Top 10” style review.  The pictures of the accommodations are also an important peek into their experience.

Top 10

RMAR has a Top 10 that stands out due to the fact that it is dynamic.  Being that this is a rating site, this list will mature over time to include new spots, or remove programs that have dropped in quality. 


They have a workshop area, book area, and tips for selling your work.  As a final knock-out-punch resource, they offer an “AHA Grant” which stands for Artists Helping Artists. It is a crowdfunded grant.  The requirements are not as strict as other places I have seen, but reading the FAQ for the grant will provide a good sense of what to expect.

Featured Residency:

ACRE (Artists’ Cooperative Residency and Exhibitions) – Steuben, Wisconsin

Thank you for reading! This is Part 3 of 8 in my “Artist Residency Discovery Guide.”
Please stay tuned for Part 3 to learn about the next resource I recommend to help an artist define what their ideal creative space looks like.


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