Artist Residency Discovery Guide – Part One: “Introduction”

Artist Residency Discovery Guide

Part One: Introduction

Crossover Creativity

LinkUpLevelUp is a blog designed to focus on presenting information appealing to people I have termed as “Crossover Creatives.” In my experience, artists, musicians and healers are usually a mix of all three. My passion and purpose of this blog, is to encourage and promote inter-disciplinary sharing of knowledge. I believe artists are capable of more than we realize. I believe mentorship and learning should reflect trans-disciplinary desires such as health, sustainability, and spirituality, all expressions of an evolving collective consciousness.

(To read more on my plans, goals and philosophies regarding the future of Crossover Creatives, check out my About Page.)

An Artist in Need, is an Artist Indeed

When I considered what to post in this first blog entry, my heart kept returning to the first time I nearly gave up on being a musician. I was out of a job, lost my condo, quit my band after 12 years, ended a serious relationship with a woman who definitely deserved better, and resorted to living in an “office room” at a friend’s house. Like many other people in the year 2008, I was in desperate need of a helping hand.

Despite having over a decade of experience in performing, composing, producing, and recording as a musician, I was not able to support myself with the craft. Furthermore, I had developed strong skills in website design, photography, videography, digital media editing (sound, image, and video), writing, promotion, and a range of holistic healing modalities, yet there was still no work in any of these arenas to be found! My heart broke for a dream that for the first time ever began to feel like it might only ever be that–a dream.

I scoured the Internet daily for opportunities. I was rarely away from my laptop. I was determined to learn what people who had a giant pile of skills could do besides some job that had nothing to do with artistic expression. During one of these searches I found the words that would change my life forever: Artist In Residency.

(Read more about My Story under the About heading.)

Let’s Do Some Discovering

In this blog series, I will walk you through the resources available today that I didn’t have 6 years ago. Step by step, I will provide insight into the important parts of each resource. This guide is really made up of other guides, so while these aren’t instructions on exactly how to choose an Artist Residency, it will bring you understanding of what to look for and why. Every Crossover Creative person has a unique blend of skills and needs. Ultimately, the choice of residency will be yours.

Thank you for reading! This is Part 1 of 8 in my “Artist Residency Discovery Guide.”
I’m working on Part Two.  Stay tuned, friends.


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